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With DMR Direct on your team there’s no need to hassle with finding and managing a creative team, list broker, printer and mail house. We have the experience and resources to develop and execute your entire direct mail program from start to finish.






Direct Mail Success Starts with a Strong, Effective Strategy.


Every successful program starts with an effective plan. We go through a detailed process to learn about your business, prior successes and challenges, goals and objectives, target audience, offers, budget, and more. Based on our discussions and your valuable input, we will offer you testing recommendations and contact strategies to meet your marketing objectives.


Strategic Planning services include:


  • Campaign Objective Development and Refinement

  • ROI Scenarios and Forecasts

  • Offer Development

  • Channel and Contact Strategies

  • Testing Recommendations

  • List/Database Strategies

  • Competitive Research


Position Your Campaign for Success...Contact Us Today





Strong Copy Generates Interest, Action — and Results


Copywriting starts the conversation between you and your target audience. Clear, credible, persuasive copy gets results by connecting your brand with your audience, turning features into benefits, driving response and delivering ROI.


Do you want to sell a product or service? Generate leads? Acquire new members or donors? After thorough research and using proven direct mail techniques, we create copy that grabs the readers’ attention and makes them act now.  We can provide winning copy on such direct response components as:


  • Letters and emails

  • Lift Notes

  • Reply Devices

  • Envelope Teasers

  • Postcards

  • Newsletters

  • Self-Mailers

  • Brochures

  • Web & Landing Pages

  • Collateral Material


Let’s write your next success story.





Direct Mail Graphic Design is an Art—and a Science


Effective graphic design can improve response rates and overall conversions.


Our experienced direct mail designers know how to get your envelope opened, your message read and your phones ringing.


Whether you’re looking for breakthrough concepts to beat an existing control, minor edits to existing pieces or new packages to launch your direct mail efforts, we can help.


We work with designers who bring more than 20 years of successful direct response experience to your marketing program.


Your mail piece will be designed to stand out in the mail and be cost-effective to produce while still meeting complex and ever-changing postal regulations.


We can also design additional collateral marketing material to maintain a unified brand.


Finally, once everything is designed, we can seamlessly print your material as well.


Get great results by design.





Identify Your Best Customers—and Find More Like Them


Chances are good that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients.  But what makes that 20% so special? Customer Profiling can provide the answers.


Learn the Attributes of Your Best Customers


Profiling your customer database provides invaluable demographic and psychographic data that you can use both online and offline…and it’s easy and inexpensive.


By examining your customers across 33 key demographic, behavioral, financial and lifestyle characteristics, you’ll gain a much better understanding of who purchases your products or services, as well as the insight you need to find more just like them.


Your customer profile report will provide information on:


  • Geographic Region

  • Number of Adults in Household

  • Age Range

  • Child Age Ranges

  • Credit Card Holder Type

  • Direct Mail Responder

  • Dwelling Type

  • Ethnic Code

  • Gender

  • Home Equity Available

  • Home Ownership

  • Home Sale Price Range

  • Home Square Footage Range

  • Household Income

  • Household Occupation Code

  • Household Type

  • Length of Residence

  • Mail Responsive Buyer

  • Mail Responsive Donor

  • Marital Status

  • Median Home Value

  • Net Worth

  • Number of Children Present

  • Equifax SuperNiche Groups

  • Interests

  • PRIZM NE Households

  • And more…


Then Find More Like Them


Armed with this information, you can mail to prospects who are most like your current customers, design print, Web, and direct mail that appeals to your actual customer audience and even fine-tune your Pay-Per-Click programs.


Identify and attract your ideal customers.





Success or Failure Hinges on Your Mail List


Ed Mayer, considered the dean of direct marketing, said 40% or more of the success of a direct mail campaign is attributable to the mailing list.  Your mailing list is the most important, yet one of the least expensive, components of your direct mail campaign.


Reach the Right People at the Right Time


Based on your campaign objectives, budget and prior results, we’ll help you identify and refine your target audience, identify the best list sources and coordinate all list rentals.


With DMR Direct on your team you’ll have access to all commercially available mailing lists including:


  • Consumer Lists

  • Business Lists

  • Demographic & Psychographic Lists

  • Fundraising Lists

  • Resident Lists

  • Mortgage Lists

  • Real Property Lists

  • New Mover Lists

  • Radius Mapping

  • Custom Mapping

  • Subscriber/Publication Lists

  • And more…


Your Best List Is Your Customer List


You’ll find that your customer and in-house prospect lists are your most responsive lists.  We can help you learn more about these important target groups by profiling them.  Plus, our postal data processing will keep your lists current, remove duplicates, overlay demographics, append phone numbers and email addresses, and much more.


Get free list counts & target the right people.





Good Data Delivers Better Results and Bigger Savings


The quality of your mailing list can greatly impact your return on investment (ROI).  We will lower your print, mailing, and postage costs by eliminating the undesirable records in your list: the duplicate records, bad addresses, moved records or unqualified target records.


Plus, standardizing your address records and updating them through National Change of Address (NCOA) speeds the delivery of your mail while earning you the lowest possible postage rates.


Our goal is to get your mail piece to the intended recipient quickly, looking professional, and at the lowest cost.  We offer the following data processing services to meet this goal for you:


  • Data Hygiene

  • Data Conversion

  • Merging

  • Duplicate Elimination

  • Case Conversion & Genderizing

  • Keycoding

  • Segmentation

  • Nth Select

  • Manual List Clean-Up

  • Phone & Email Appending Suppression

  • Record Suppression

  • Death File Suppression

  • DMA Do-Not-Mail Suppression Postal Data Processing

  • Address Standardization

  • CASS Certification

  • National Change of Address (NCOA)

  • Delivery Point Validation

  • Presort for all Postage Classifications

  • Your Data Is Safe with Us.


We perform comprehensive audits throughout the data processing process and back up your data securely off-site.


Put Your In-house Database in the Hands of Professionals.


Many customers tell us that their in-house database is not marketing-friendly. It is cumbersome to get critical data and reporting in a timely manner.


DMR Direct can help.  We’ve built and managed databases of over 5 million records and can handle data entry and updates, mail list generation, reporting, and secure offsite backup. We can create and maintain a marketing database to help you generate and track leads, measure customer activity, facilitate upselling, analyze trends, and more.


Get the most from your data.





Quality Printing at A Great Price…with No Surprises.


Having a marketing partner that provides both printing and mailing makes a lot of sense. When we print your mail piece, we know all the mail house production and U.S. Postal Service specifications that must be met—and we’ll print accordingly.  You won’t be surprised by increased production or postage costs due to printing specifications.


With DMR Direct, everything  transitions smoothly from printing to mail production without any time or effort on your part.


We offer comprehensive digital and offset printing for just about any project.


  • Postcards

  • Self-mailers

  • Envelopes

  • Letters and Letterhead

  • Continuous Forms

  • Brochures & Flyers

  • Newsletters

  • Catalogs

  • And much more


The Right Printer For Each Project


With DMR Direct on your team you can feel confident that you’ll get great value… and a great end product.


Over the past 14 years we’ve developed a nationwide service-partner network that provides exceptional quality at a reasonable price.  No more researching and wondering if you have the right printer.  We’ll take care of everything for you.


And a Great Price Too!


Just send us your project specifications and we’ll take it from there.  You’ll receive a detailed estimate, often with options to bring your costs down.  Best of all, you can feel confident you’re getting a good price because we get multiple, competing quotes for each project.


Plus Environmentally Friendly Options!


Many companies choose to promote their environmental stewardship by printing on recycled paper using environmentally friendly inks.  DMR Direct makes it easy.  Just let us know that you’re interested in protecting the environment and we’ll itemize recycled paper and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) options for your consideration.


To learn more about DMR Direct’s environmental commitment, click here.


Get a great price and great quality.





Mailing Services Provided Error-Free, On-Time, and On-Budget


Hate Hearing Oops?


Few things are more frustrating than having sound strategies and strong creative derailed by production errors.  We’ve incorporated best practices into the entire production process to ensure each project is executed flawlessly.  Involving us in your mail piece design as well will ensure it meets both production and USPS qualifications, helping you steer clear of costly mistakes.


We Specialize in Meeting Deadlines.


We live and breathe deadlines.  Along with your proposal, we’ll provide you a production schedule so you’ll know when things need to be done to meet your desired mail date.


If You Can Design It, We Can Print and Mail It!


With an unlimited capacity and a nationwide service provider network, we have the capability to manufacture nearly any direct mail piece.  Here’s a sampling of just some of our mail house and lettershop services:


  • Laser Printing – Continuous Form and Cut-Sheet for Personalized Letters and Forms

  • Ink-jet Addressing

  • Digital Printing

  • Variable Digital Printing

  • Machine Inserting

  • Hand Inserting

  • Intelligent Inserting for Statement Processing or Match Mailings

  • Wafer Seal Tabbing

  • Bindery – Cutting, Folding, Perfing, Slitting & Scoring

  • Bursting and Folding

  • Inter-stacking

  • Card Affixing

  • Label Affixing

  • Sealing, Metering & Stamping

  • Complimentary Use of Our Permits and Indicias

  • Fulfillment – Literature & Product

  • Mail Co-Mingling

  • Drop Shipping

  • International Mail Processing

  • IMB Bar Coding

  • Mail Tracking & Reporting


Get your message in the mail flawlessly.





Save on Postage through List Targeting, Proper Design, and List Quality


Don’t Waste Postage Money on Bad Prospects.


The first place to save on postage…as well as other direct mail costs…is your mailing list.


It must be well-targeted.


Through customer profiling, segmentation of your current customers and prospects, and quality list rental research, you can save lots of money by reaching out to only those people who are most interested in your product or service.


Design to Save!


Involving DMR Direct in your mail piece design will ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.


Designing for mail is complex and ever-changing.  With so many things that impact postage rates—such as the weight, size, thickness, aspect ratio, address panel location, paper weights and colors, folding locations of your mail piece, and more—you’ll enjoy having us worry about keeping up with all the changing postal regulations while you avoid costly surprises at the post office.


Save on Postage through Quality List Hygiene


Every bad or incomplete address on your list costs you money in postage, printing, and mailing services.


Decrease your costs and increase your return on investment (ROI) by making the most of every record.


Your addressing will look more professional, too, when you have DMR Direct perform the following list hygiene services:


  • Address Standardization

  • Duplication Elimination

  • CASS Certify

  • National Change of Address (NCOA)

  • Record Suppression

  • Death File Suppression

  • DMA Do-Not-Mail Suppression

  • Manual List Clean-up


To earn discounted postage rates, the post office now requires that your list be processed through National Change of Address (NCOA) every 95 days.  We’ll make sure each of your mailings meets this important requirement.


Save Even More Postage by Drop Shipping and Co-Mingling:


Drop shipping, a term used for consolidating and moving the mail closer to destination post offices, can save both postage and delivery time. When we process your mailing list, we’ll research the postage cost of submitting your mailing locally versus delivering it to USPS Network Distribution Centers (NDC) or Sectional Center Facilities (SCF) by freight and enjoying special postal discounts.


If the postage savings is greater than the shipping and handling costs, we’ll make appointments with the NDCs and SCFs and ship your mail directly to those post offices…saving you postage and delivery time. It’s a win-win!


Commingling is another way to save both postage and delivery time. Multiple streams of prepared and presorted mail from various mailers are commingled into one stream to achieve better postal qualifications. The result is lower postage costs for individual mailers who may not otherwise qualify for the deeper discounts and faster delivery times.


Ask DMR Direct to research and arrange both drop shipping and commingling opportunities for you.





As a United States Air Force officer I learned the importance of meeting deadlines, paying attention to the details, and operating with integrity.  For over 30 years, I’ve used this skill set to develop successful direct mail campaigns producing outstanding results for our clients.


If you are looking for exceptional service and superior value, then you have come to the right place. Don’t just take my word for it.  See what our clients have to say.


You have my personal guarantee that we’ll never take your business for granted and will always strive to exceed your expectations.

Ross, Ridder, President