Measurable Results Across Multiple Industries

Having a marketing partner with a broad range of experience can give your marketing programs the competitive advantage they need to succeed.

We have worked with a variety of clients, from some of the top brands in the country to mom and pop organizations. This means that each of your programs will benefit from years of testing and experience across different companies and industries.

  • Developed a new control package that generated a 67% increase in qualified leads, lifted overall mail efficiency by 8% and successfully reached a previously untapped target group.
  • Recommended and developed a follow-up program for responders who hadn’t converted.  Program had response rates of up to 11% – significantly improving conversion and ROI.
  • Developed a 5-million-record database and mailed over 22 million pieces. (with over 800 cells) over the course of two seasons without a single data error.
  • Decreased the percentage of ineligible leads and applications by 37% by modifying data selection criteria.
  • Identified and negotiated exclusive data and marketing opportunities – providing client with a significant competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry.
  • Developed dozens of successful email communications that increased revenue from client’s online partner companies.
  • Conducted more than 20 list tests during a single season and identified one list that beat the control list by 26% and another than had a 50% match rate to the control list at 33% lower cost.
  • Developed and executed over 200 projects for a single client during a three-year engagement that resulted in the development of 17 control packages and contributed to the client becoming a top-five national leader in its industry.
  • Designed campaign-specific microsites that enabled client to capture and track Web responses that couldn’t be managed through their existing Web platform.
  • Reduced transit time for weekly mailings by 20% while simultaneously decreasing postage costs.
  • Significantly improved client’s cash flow and overall ROI by editing reply pieces to more clearly communicate actions required of responders.  Improvements also generated operational efficiencies by decreasing follow-up communication.
  • Developed three creative tests that beat a previously unbeaten 5-year control by as much as 227%.

Let’s Create a Success Story for You.